Langdon Cycles through Scenic Spain

Twenty-eight intrepid cyclists set off last Sunday to take part in Langdon’s Bike Ride Challenge in Spain. The group, led by Howard Morgan, cycled from Cordoba to Granada covering 235km in three days. The group have so far raised over £30,000 that will go towards Langdon’s services which enables Jewish youth and adults with learning disabilities to live independent lives.

Three Langdon residents, James Manton, Richard Shinwell and Daniel Welck, also took part in the challenge. Ben Miller, one of the cyclists, said “Langdon is brilliant in encouraging people with learning disabilities to have aspirations and reach for them.”

Most of the bike riders stayed on for an extra day to cycle up Pico del Veleta, the highest paved road in Europe. All 20 riders who attempted this completed the climb. This was an incredible achievement for all the cyclists who took part and raised a fantastic amount of money.  

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