Welcome to Langdon College


'... Enabling independent living .... Inspiring students to achieve their full potential'

Langdon College is a national specialist residential college which promotes a Jewish ethos based on the concept of Judaism as a way of life. It provides an environment where the knowledge and skills required to lead an appropriate Jewish lifestyle with the minimum of support can be developed through the normal rhythm of the Jewish calendar and through adherence to Jewish customs and protocols.

We work with other organisations, industry, commerce and government to further provision for students with learning difficulties and disabilities, using the resources available to the college.



Education and Training

Langdon College is committed to offering students an inclusive, multifaceted extended curriculum that provides access to a range of nationally recognised qualifications, independent living.... Read more


Student Support

The college properties are in and around the heart of the Jewish community; allowing access to synagogues, kosher food shops and a range of community resources.... Read more


Residential Properties

Langdon College has five residential properties. Students are placed within our various properties dependant upon need and after addressing compatibility issues....  Read more


How to Apply

Parents / Professional colleagues are requested to arrange an initial visit during term time, to view the college facilities and meet staff and students in order to determine suitability.... Read more

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